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  • Arrow Model 1: Craft a powerful Business and Leadership Development Plan.
  • Arrow Model 2: Elevate your business with the ARROW Coaching Model – Professional Development Plan.
  • Product Innovation Frameworks: Drive innovation and stay ahead with our product-centric methodologies.
  • Operational Excellence: Streamline operations for enhanced productivity and efficiency.
  • Leadership Mastery: Transform your leadership style with advanced leadership frameworks.
  • Brand Building Brilliance: Craft a unique brand identity that resonates in the competitive market.
  • Customer-Centric Approaches: Attract and retain customers with effective customer-centric strategies.



  1. How to run a business without offering discounts?
  2. How do I manage operations effectively?
  3. Communication
  4. How to attract new custoers?
  5. How to build a brand?
  6. How to overcome competition?
  7. How to boost sales?


  • 7 Steps to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Change or no change in organizational behavior
  • Powerful principle-based framework for Seeing things better than they are.
  • Personal Leadership
  • Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • RISIMIS: This framework of “Ri Si Mi S – Ritual of Sixty Minute Solitude” framework,provides a streamlined path for effective career development.

Working Professionals:

  1. Issues
  2. How do I track employees’ performance?
  3. How do I handle the hiring process?
  4. How to increase team productivity?
  5. How to retain employees?
  6. How to manage expenses?
  7. How to build a new team?
  8. How to create a skilled workforce?
  9. How to train the team effectively??


  • Arrow Model 1: Provides students with a structured approach to develop their development plans.
  • Arrow Model 2: It aids in building a robust 6-month Professional Development Plan, emphasizing purpose-driven decision-making.
  • RiSiMiS : It guides students in creating daily rituals and influential associations.
  • See things better than they are:This assignment guides to enhance positivity by interpreting challenges with resilience and constructive mindset.
  • Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness:Boost leadership skills through self-assessment, fostering personal and academic growth.
  • Execution Excellence:Achieve excellence through strategic execution, identifying and implementing key goals.
  • Personal Leadership:Shape your destiny with Personal Leadership, mastering the formula for success.



  1. Struggles with a rigid approach, lacks personalized learning.
  2. Overlooks long-term goals, focuses too heavily on short-term plans.
  3. Daily rituals are hard to sustain amid academic pressures.
  4. Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness.
  5. Difficulty in accurate self-assessment hampers growth.
  6. Goal-setting ambiguity and time management challenges.
  7. Conflicting success definitions and external pressures.


Orientation Session By Dr Vivek Bindra Overview & introduction of the program
52 Business Strategy Frameworks Each unlocking a pathway for advancing you to new heights of success
26 Workshops By SMEs For frameworks execution and & implementation
26 Weekly Live Sessions By Subject Matter Expert
Library Of 789 Ready To Use Documents Business Templates, Checklists, Tools, Strategy Sheets, Forms, Policy Documents of Sales/ Marketing/HR/Legal/Operations To Manage & Grow Your Business
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By Dr Vivek Bindra

Unlock 52 powerful business frameworks with Dr Vivek Bindra, 2 revealed each week.”


• Framework 1: Arrow Model Part-1

• Framework 2: Arrow Model Part-2


• Framework 4: Changing Consumer Behavior

• Framework 5: Customer Experience

• Framework 6: Pilot Market


 Framework 3: 5 P’s of Strategy Reformation


Framework 7: How to hire Employees/Manpower?

• Framework 8: Cultivating Navratnas

• Framework 9: Core Values

• Framework 10: Talent Engagement

• Framework 11: Employee Training & Evaluation

• Framework 12: Change/No Change

• Framework 13: See things better than they are

• Framework 14: Personal Leadership

• Framework 15: Building Capable Manpower

• Framework 16: Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness

• Framework 17: Culture of High Performance

• Framework 18: RiSiMiS

• Framework 19: ESOPs


 Framework 20: VRIO

• Framework 21: Market Barriers

• Framework 22: Creating Entry Barrier

• Framework 23: Product Portfolio

• Framework 24: Critical Success Factor

• Framework 25: Business Expansion with Non Consumer

• Framework 26: 5R Module

• Framework 27: Credit – Further Borrowing

• Framework 28: Inventory Turnover Ratio

• Framework 29: Customer Success

• Framework 30: Value at Risk

• Framework 31: Investment in Working Capital

• Framework 32: Customer Service


 Framework 33: Customer’s Money Making Model

• Framework 34: How to design your Advertising Campaign

• Framework 35: Reduce COCA

• Framework 36: Brand Equity

• Framework 37: Product Pricing

• Framework 38: Product Positioning & Value Proposition

• Framework 39: Increase your Business Turnover

• Framework 40: 10C of Content Creation


 Framework 41: 7 Steps to Achieve All your Dreams

• Framework 42: Replace Yourself

• Framework 43: Speed of Implementation

• Framework 44: Financial Planning

• Framework 45: Busyness Vs Business

• Framework 46: Health Check Up of the Organization

• Framework 47: Expand your Business Exponentially

• Framework 48: Execution Excellence

• Framework 49: Cash Flow Management


• Framework 50: Passive Income

• Framework 51: Profitability and Return on Equity

• Framework 52: Return on Investment

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• Business Management

• Marketing 

• Business Operations

• Working Capital

• Sales

• Customer Service

• Debt Management

• Export  & Import 

• Franchising 

• Conducting Webinar

• Legal

• HR


• Grooming

• Personal Branding

• Speaking Skills

• Time Management 

• Emotional Intelligence

• Stress Management

• Sales 

   Social Media

• Instagram Growth

• Facebook Growth 

• YouTube

• Linkedin 

• Lead Gen – Through Ai 

• Google Suite – Automation


• Personal Finance

• Money Physchology 

• Passive Income

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How long is the program, and when does it start?

A: The program spans 26 weeks, and you can join anytime. New frameworks are revealed every two weeks.

Q2: Who is the ideal participant for this program?

A: Entrepreneurs, Students and Working Professionals seeking growth in visionary leadership, innovation, revenue, team building, marketing, global expansion, profit, financial acumen, and streamlined operations.

Q3: What makes this program unique?

A: The program includes 52 business frameworks, live sessions with experts, workshops for practical implementation, a dedicated coach, and a library of 700+ ready-to-use documents.

Q4: How are the live workshops conducted, and who leads them?

A: The 26 live workshops are led by Subject Matter Experts, providing insights, growth benefits, and guidance for implementing each framework.

Q5: What support is available for completing frameworks?

A: The Framework Assistant offers assigned coaching, providing guided support and assistance at the execution level. This is an upgrade option available.

Q6: What’s the significance of #AskDrVivekBindra and the AI Business Coach?

A: #AskDrVivekBindra introduces the AI Business Coach, available 24/7, tailored for Indian SMEs, with exclusive content and pricing options.