Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Looking To :

  • 👉Develop Visionary Leadership Skills
  • 👉 Do product Innovation
  • 👉Gain competitive Edge through Innovation Culture
  • 👉 Revenue Growth Strategies
  • 👉 High-Performance Team Building
  • 👉 Inspirational Leadership Development
  • 👉 Effective Marketing for Brand Visibility
  • 👉 Global Expansion Methodologies
  • 👉 Profit Margin Enhancement Tactics
  • 👉 Financial Acumen for Informed Decisions
  • 👉 Streamlined Operations for Productivity


👉 To Increase Profit Margins 👈

👉 To Improve Cash Flow 👈

👉 To Manage The Operational Cost 👈

👉To Bring Business Automation 👈

👉 To Increase Customer Reach 👈

👉To Enhance Employee Productivity And Retention 👈

Introducing The Comprehensive Solution

Leadership Funnel Program

Your Ultimate Destination for Mastering the '8 Ps of Business'

  • 👉Identify customer’s ‘Problem’ for premium earnings
  • 👉 Boost conversion targeting the right market ‘Prospects’
  • 👉 Invest in ‘People’
  • 👉 Develop exceptional problem-solving ‘Products’
  • 👉 Optimize sales through effective ‘Pricing & Positioning’
  • 👉 Scale business with ‘Process & Performance Parameters’
  • 👉 Ensure financial stability by maximizing ‘Profit’ potential
  • 👉 Unveil the true ‘Purpose’ of your business for growth

Exclusive Access


  • Three-Day Training Sessions Conducted by Dr. Vivek Bindra
  • Event Hosted at a 4/5 Star Hotel, Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch, & Tea
  • Engaging Sessions with Prominent Billionaire Speakers
  • Chance to ask Questions to Dr. Vivek Bindra*
  • Opportunity to ask Question to Billionaire Speakers
  • Seize the moment to take a selfie with Dr. Vivek Bindra*
  • Capture a Selfie Moment with Billionaire Speakers*
  • Access to 52 Business Frameworks for Enhancing Business Growth*
  • Personalized Guidance from a Dedicated Business Coach for a year*

Features may vary depending on your selected program type.

Dr Vivek Bindra
Founder & CEO,Bada Business
India’s Leading Business Coach & Startup Guru



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